About the OMB process – 958 Broadview et al.

As you know the OMB Pre-hearing conference in regards to the three appeals against the Broadview Avenue Planning Study Official Plan Amendment (OMB Case PL160686) is this Wednesday April 26, 10 AM, 655 Bay Street, north of Dundas, 16th floor, Hearing Room 16-1A.

As a matter of information from the OMB that many folks likely don’t realise: If any resident would like to make a statement/submission at an eventual OMB hearing for this case (sometime down the road), they need to go to the pre-hearing conference this Wed April 26, 10 AM, and ask for participant status (name and address requested). FYI, this happens at the beginning of the pre-hearing. 

Otherwise it’s likely they may not be allowed to speak at the OMB in regards to this matter. FYI people can withdraw later.  

FYI the pre-hearing conference while procedural, is the one point where residents can make a request to speak later in the process (at a hearing). Otherwise, as we understand, there are no other opportunities for concerned residents to make their views known.

It is a public meeting so residents are simply welcome; they don’t need to seek status.   
Here is OMB info about being a participant:

For more info on OMB process and case PL160686, people can contact:
– OMB Case Coordinator for this case: Leesa Kwong, Case Coordinator, Planner, (416) 326-6785, Leesa.Kwong@ontario.ca; or
– OMB Liaison Officer: 416-326-6792; elto.clo@ontario.ca
For info on the status of this case, go here and enter PL160686.

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