958 Broadview goes to OMB

On April 26, the Board of Estonian House, Gordian Foods and the Salvation Army are named as appellants to the Ontario Municipal Board. Their aim is to enable development on their properties that go beyond what the Broadview Avenue Mid-rise plan allows.

Estonian House will get more for their property if a developer can build a monster tower instead of the 6 story mid-rise. Estonian House (and the credit union, the Estonian foundation, and Tartu college) have already checked out and aim to develop the Estonian community hub at 11 Madison Avenue. Here’s the wrinkle. In order to do so the Estonian groups aim to acquire a parking lot at 9 Madison ave from the City of Toronto.

So… Why wouldn’t the City of Toronto make the sale of 9 Madison ave to Estonian House conditional on Estonian House removing their appeal to the OMB?


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