Salmon run on the Don river.

First time seeing Atlantic Chinook Salmon running upstream along the Don River. This location is just north of the Pottery Rd. bridge along the bike path. Very easy to get to.

Other locations are along the bike path south of the Pottery Rd. The easiest time to see them is as they jump over the weirs near the rapids. Be patient, they are coming through at about 1 every 3 or 4 minutes.



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One Response to Salmon run on the Don river.

  1. boristoronto says:

    Those are not Atlantic Salmon. I fish the river every salmon run. Those are Chinook Salmon. They’re stocked in the river regularly since the mid 90’s. Sadly they’ve failed to successfully spawn in the Don to date. The Atlantic Salmon reintroduction program has not been done on the Don River as of yet, it’s still too polluted for them.


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