What is the City (over)building in the valley?


This is way bigger than it needs to be. It’s the rail bridge over the bicycle path alongside the Don River near Riverdale Park. The bicycle path used to go under the old CP Rail line in sort of double hairpin curve. As part of cycling improvements the City decided to tear out the old rail overpass and straighten out the curves. This could have been achieved by simply removing the overpass and leaving it. This train route hasn’t been used in year and there is no public plan for Metrolinx (the owners) to use it for at least 25 yrs. No train, no train bridge.

So why is the City building this extremely large foundation? To keep rain off cyclist heads?

Metrolinx could be hedging its bets. By ensuring the City pays for a replacement overpass that could carry trains then they have the option to do so. Or there could be a plan that hasn’t been given public notice to use this corridor for GO trains heading from Union station up to the mid-town line that currently carries freight. This would mean pushing freight carriage further north and using the mid-town line for GO with a stop at Summerhill.

But who knows?


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