Waze and traffic on local streets.

Your local street is just a way of getting somewhere according the way finding app called Waze. Traffic slow at Broadview/Danforth? Using Waze drivers are directed onto local streets to get around it. It all happens in real-time with app combining mapping data with each user automatically providing speed, location and route data. If Ellerbeck or Cambridge is faster than Broadview then traffic is directed to go off the arterial streets into the local streets.

Expect more of this in the future. Apps and data don’t pay attention much to how the planner sees the traffic grid. It’s simply what is the fastest way from A to B and if that is through your neighbourhood past your school, too bad for you. Apps are guiding more and more routes as users go beyond simple route finding to route management – which is the best route today according to traffic conditions.

Waze vigilantes fed up with their local street becoming the short cut have tried to post misleading data to fool the app however once one car gets though the speed and route data lets the app know that the short cut is live and they are back to where they started.

The only method for local residents to fight back are street closures, one ways and turning restrictions. These guide the mapping app to not use local streets to avoid tickets or dead ends.


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