Broadview Ave plan passes at TEYCC

Today the Toronto and East York Community Council passed the Broadview Avenue planning study. The study will head to City Council on June 2, 2016.

A handful of people made it down to observe, while three of us got up to speak. The community’s position is supportive of the plan and aims to re-inforce the terms in it to ensure that development sticks to the mid-rise principles.

There are a number of submissions made, 16 emails, 2 letters that are not made available and the following letters that have:

M. McKeen letter
MMcKeen Doc.


Gordian Foods

Salvation Army

Helliwell Place Association

Estonian House

Player Area Residents Association (PARA)

So what now?
There are going to be minor changes, typos will be fixed, the terms will standardized with other Avenues plans. For the June 7th meeting, only written submissions are allowed.

Questions, Councillor Fragedakis asked the planning staff why the 20m height not used as a strict limit. What changed is the use of wood as a construction material up to a limit of 6 stories. Due to differences in construction this adds a meter or so for the same 6 story building hence planning staff focus on the number of stories.

If anyone would like to share their written email submission, please send.



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