Pottery Road and Bayview

If you find yourself standing at the corner of Pottery and Bayview and hope to walk to the Brickworks alive you might wonder why there are 4 very wide lanes, space for a median and wide paved shoulders but zero protection for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ironically the Brickworks is just 300m away but it’s on the other side of a 40m high hill that is straight up and then straight down. Eventually there will be a multi-use trail however it will be on the east side of Bayview and your only chance to cross will be at the lights. This triples the distance the you have to walk but at least you won’t die.

Ignore the question why Bayview needs to be four lanes and walk south to where the sidewalk ends. Look immediately to your right (west) and there is the sign below. Follow the woodsy trail and you are in the Brickworks parking lot shortest distance possible. You might see bunnies or deer.


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