Why Vision Zero is important.

Yesterday, a 12 year old passenger stepped off a streetcar and got hit by a car – what next?

Social media reacts with victim blaming; “stop texting and walking”, driver blaming “take the driver’s license away for life”, TTC blaming “streetcars are stupid and block roads” and then add this post; apparently from the driver.

“I was the driver that hit the little girl. I feel absolutely horrible about what happened because of me. And I’m gonna try to make up for all the pain I caused her. I’m not a careless driver, I’ve never been in an accident. This happened in the flash of a moment. I’m still in shock over this, but I’m more concerned about the little girl.

I’ve always been carefull about the ttc streetcars, I honestly didn’t think this would ever happen. I wasn’t speeding or distracted, it wasn’t even a busy morning. I just don’t understand how it could have happened so instantly. “

Who failed is not the question, the question is what can done to reduce death and serious injury from cars? This is what Vision Zero is all about.

People are human and make mistakes. A system that recognizes that as a starting point will be far more effective than laws and enforcement.

Here is what Toronto is up to.


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