Don Valley Cable Car, got any ideas?

Last Thursday’s meeting hosted by Bullwheel, moderated by Lura Consulting, was well attended by the community with about 150 participants. In addition to Bullwheel, The City and Evergreen Brickworks were there as well.

Steve Dale’s presentation took us through their thinking and what they have heard from the community so far. There are really no surprises to the community concerns:

  • Parking, cars, tour buses
  • Traffic, drop offs and pickups
  • Visual and sound impact
  • Proximity impact to nearest homeowners
  • Volume of users
  • What happens to the Player Gardens parkette?
  • What happens if it fails?

Could we start a list of potential solutions to be evaluated such as below? If you think you have an idea that might fix one of the above problems, add as a comment.

Problem: Parking. People will use the free parking on Cambridge, take the cable car to BW and avoid paying for parking at BW.

Possible Solutions: Metered parking managed by the TPA on Cambridge with an hourly rate that is higher than BW. Cable car ticket pricing rewards TTC use; prices reduced for persons with a valid TTC transfer(not Broadview) or families with a day pass. This would make the TTC ride free. Same with a bicycle, arrive by bike and get a discount.

Problem: Traffic, drop offs and pickups. People in cars will stop as close to Cambridge/Danforth as possible to drop people off or wait there to pick up friends arriving by cable car. They will drive onto the sidewalk, bike lane area or just double park.

Possible Solutions: Protect the bike lane on Danforth with solid barrier or elevate bike lane to same height as sidewalk; add bollards. Create a drop off point on Broadview right in front of the alley, make alley a Woonerf with the auto body shop as the place to buy cable car tickets/souvenirs.

got ideas? share.


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2 Responses to Don Valley Cable Car, got any ideas?

  1. Parking on Cambridge & Adjoining Streets

    The only solution to ensuring resident parking in the area is to increase restrictions on outside parking. Any solution will have to include non-residents paying for parking so let’s start with that. Let’s put in ‘meters’ and see how that affects parking availability. We can adjust price and maximum length of stay as needed. Meters are not pretty but the alternative is the status quo.

    Again, I think paid parking is part of any solution, so let’s agree and get on with it.


  2. Drop Off Problems

    Drop off will definitely be an issue; so let’s go for the protected bicycle lane. A protected lane is a good idea in any case.

    As a bonus it could be designed to make it harder for cars to drive up Cambridge the wrong way.


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