Bullwheel cable car to Brickworks.

The Don Valley Cable Car initiative is an innovative project to connect Playter Gardens Parkette to the Evergreen Brick Works. This 4 -8 minute ride is a clean, quiet and visually spectacular piece of infrastructure solving a transportation problem while creating an iconic attraction.download-2.jpg


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One Response to Bullwheel cable car to Brickworks.

  1. While I am skeptical about the economic viability, there are two things I like to see from this:
    1) Let’s give them a positive fair shot. So I’ll ask “Tell me about who picks up the costs” and if they give a good answer all the more power to them.
    2) I’d like to broaden the discussion to clarify goals and options. So if the goal is “Get more people into the valley” then let’s discuss 3 or 4 reasonable ways to achieve that and chose between them (rather than looking at everything in an isolated manner)


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