Broadview area letter to the City.

June 2015

Dear Mary Fragedakis,

The undersigned members of the Broadview Ave. area community would like to emphasize  a number of issues that we believe are critical to the success of the forthcoming Broadview Avenue Guidelines.

Our aim is to ensure that the City’s stated objectives and principles are aligned with the Community’s and that the objectives and principles show up in the Guidelines in their final form.

Our position is:

1. The Broadview Avenue Guidelines follow the City’s Mid-Rise Guidelines in respect to the building heights equalling the width of the Right of Way throughout all character zones.

2. The character zones merely describe the existing state and are not a guide to future development. Future densifying development will follow the Mid-Rise Guidelines regardless of character zone.

3. The Broadview Avenue Guidelines anticipate and incorporate (when completed) the City’s Complete Streets Guidelines, recognizing the importance of improved sidewalks and support for cycling resulting in improved Walkscores for study area.

4. The Broadview Avenue study area requires a holistic traffic study to define current and projected future traffic (pedestrian, cycling and vehicle) patterns and volumes with the aim of avoiding unanticipated and unwanted vehicle patterns while aiming to achieve the objectives of the City’s Walking Strategy.

5. A complete parking inventory must be conducted of the Broadview study area and with the aim of optimizing existing inventory and private capacity before the Toronto Parking Authority acquires new properties and develops new capacity. This inventory should consider how Mobile Pay technologies, which the TPA has recently introduced, could be used in the area to better manage capacity.

6. Historical sites in the Broadview Avenue study area be protected and enhanced while also connected to the broader context outside the study area – Todmorden Mills to the west and the Broadview Hotel to the south and all other historical properties along the historic Don Mills road.

7. That the community develop, and the City recognize, a conceptual statement that defines the character of the area in regards to its proximity to the Don Valley, the history of Toronto, the westerly views of the city and the proximity to large naturally protected areas.

8. That Broadview Avenue Guidelines include a specific standard of curbside pickup of trash that is consistent for every property regardless whether the property is mid block or corner block unless the property is exceptionally large or a tall tower and able to allow a “forward in – forward out” pickup by the truck that doesn’t negatively impact the pedestrian realm.

9. That the Guidelines identify sites beyond the scope of the study that have strategic impact in supporting the objectives of the Broadview Avenue Plan such as Broadview/Cambridge Alley, Todmorden Mills, Jackman School, the Playter Gardens parkette and bicycle lanes parallel to Broadview.

This letter was posted in 2015 and received over 90 positive responses.


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