Parking = traffic

Throughout the various community meetings for specific developments and for the Broadview avenue planning study I have heard two common themes; we don’t have enough parking and the traffic congestion is too much.

These sounds like two problems but actually are just one, too many cars. Cars are either stopped (parked) or moving (traffic). As cities provide more parking they generate more traffic. More traffic demands a higher priority for cars yielding streets designed for cars and the demand that real estate be turned into parking lots. More parking lots makes it easier to choose a car for a trip which yields more traffic. Eventually we could pave the whole city so we can drive and park anywhere but then there would be no reason to go to the city at all.

There is no evidence provided by the Toronto Parking Authority that parking supports local business. They state this as fact and it seems to be as accepted in the same way flat worlds or earth as the centre of the universe was.

On the other hand here is evidence that parking generates traffic congestion. If you are happy with the amount of traffic that comes through your neighbourhood and think we need more then let’s start building more parking lots and allowing parking pads everywhere.


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