Broadview and Pretoria in light of the parking lot proposal.

This is a letter sent to city planning and Mary Fragedakis’ office from George Labrakos. Some excellent thorough points made.

Hello Everyone,

On June 3, 2015 I sent two emails to Anita Aedrali at the Parking Authority with the following points.

1.    The subject laneway is only 10 feet wide and 100 feet long. A dead end on the south side.  Too narrow for two way vehicular traffic.  The laneway is currently used to access the parking area of 35 spaces and the loading area at Albany clinic.  Cars traveling to the parking lot may be forced to wait on Pretoria for other cars to exit the lane way.

2.    Pretoria is a busy and narrow two way side street.  Drivers often stop on Pretoria to visit the busy coffee shop on the north east corner or the variety store on the south east corner.

3.    A driver on Pretoria will not be able to see whether the proposed lot is full unless they drive into the narrow lane way to take a good look.  Turning around to exit through the laneway may be difficult for these drivers.

4.    The zoning by law does not permit access into a public parking lot through a residential zone.  Most likely the laneway is considered part of the commerical zone that includes Broadview, however directly across the entrance to the laneway on Pretoria is a residential property. An opinion from a planning expert is likely required.  Also Toronto’s official plan requires that a development must respect and reinforce the character and patterns of Neighbourhoods and Neighbourhoods are too remain stable.

Since the Albany clinic expanded and moved to Broadview Avenue, about 5 years ago without visitor or patient parking, there has been a dramatic negative impact to the traffic conditions on our residential side streets.  Residents including seniors and parents can no longer find parking reasonably close to their homes.  Committees have been organized and many meetings have been held to find a solution, so we are all very excited about this proposal, especially since the patients that are elderly or handicapped may be able to park close to the Albany clinic.  We are also excited about the outstanding and innovative partnerships that the Toronto Parking Authority has been negotiating in other neighbourhoods including the project at 2-6 Lispor street and we are optimistic that a similar partnership can take place near the Albany clinic.

For over two years, the intersection of Broadview and Pretoria has been the most analyzed in ward 29.    The 838 Broadview proposal for 46 residential units plus retail at the north/west intersection of Pretoria and Broadview has been in the works for over two years and there have been two intense public meetings. The main issue with respect to the 838 Broadview proposal is the expected increase in traffic problems on Pretoria.  The new proposal at 796-802 Broadview is only about 100 metres south of Pretoria and there has already been one public meeting for this.  Also, Broadview is currently the subject of an Avenue study.  A couple of public meetings have already taken place.

Given the intense scrutiny of Broadview and especially the development near the subject intersection it is expected that our representatives Francis Kwashi, Senior Planner and Mary Fragadakis are the most knowledgeable of the character of the area near the intersection of Broadview and Pretoria and most importantly are most aware of the residents’ concerns about the traffic on Pretoria which have been voiced repeatedly.   I would expect that comments from Francis and Mary at this stage regarding the use of a substandard lane that exits on a residential section of Pretoria would be very useful and most appropriate.


George Labrakos


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