Broadview – Cambridge alley – more thoughts

Here is a sketch with screenshots from a Sketchup 3D model I made of the alleyway.

I made it to visualize what a mid-rise building would look like if it was developed with a “Carrot Common” pedestrian friendly alley alongside. The idea was the city could change their right of way into a courtyard so that a Broadview building could be connected to the auto body shop plot of land and the whole thing developed as one plot. The city would still own the alleyway and courtyard.

On the other hand what if the city sold the Broadview portion of the alley with the stipulation for through public access? This would allow a developer to aggregate the dry cleaner, the auto body shop and the plot of land to the south of the alley for a mid-rise building. The key is ensuring it remains pedestrian friendly and isn’t a place for trash and parking access.


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