Phil Silver put together a traffic study of Pretoria on a recent wednesday morning between 7:30 and 9:00 am.

Here’s the toppling findings and a few other stats: Pretoria study.

The working group meeting on Mar 30 spent the entire time focused on traffic issues which includes the garbage pickup.

New news:

  • garbage pickup is only once a week not daily
  • likely to be a private company not public garbage
  • if it was public garbage it could be put out on Broadview ave with the rest of the Broadview pickup
  • still bringing up a “flagman” which was thought to be the non-existent building superintendant
  • flagman would need to be part of the contract with private garbage pickup
  • contract enforceable by city with fines
  • parking garage entrance off broadview out of the question because of proximity to signal
  • the traffic study group MMM – brought new data about the projected am and pm trips which indicated the expected is lower than the threshold for a larger study

Other discussions took on a brainstorming/freewheeling discussion about the traffic in expanded areas. The Playter Estates association questioned if Chesterhill could be made two way to take the pressure off Broadview. A signal light at Cambridge/Pretoria was suggested, a lay-by where cars could stop in front of the development on Pretoria was suggested- this would require changing the sidewalk. The Albany clinic’s lack of a parking garage has impacted the neighbourhood’s parking inventory. This was approved by city council in the same approach as the liquor store on Danforth.


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